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Gjekmarkaj visit to the Greek Parliament: I informed them about the violations of the Constitution in the case of Berisha

Gjekmarkaj visit to the Greek Parliament: I informed them about the violations

Democratic MP Agron Gjekmarkaj held a meeting with the first deputy speaker of the Greek parliament, Janis Plakiotakis.

Gjekmarkaj has shared details of the meeting with Plakiotakis where he says that he also spoke to him about the case of Fredi Beleri, the elected mayor of Himara who is in prison, as well as about the "house arrest" security measure against the leader of the opposition, Sali Berisha. .

Gjekmarkaj writes that he informed Plakiotakis that Berisha's case has raised many questions about the way of action of the justice bodies.


At the invitation of the first Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. JANIS PLAKIOTAKIS, I visited this fundamental institution of the Greek state yesterday.

I thanked Mr. Plakiotakis and his team for the support that Greece has given Albania in these decades in the integration process, in aid and direct investments. The role of the Greek minority in our country as a bridge of friendship can never be excluded, but also the already large Albanian emigration community in the neighboring country, increasingly included in Greek society, as an economic, social and cultural factor.

The "Beleri" issue as a human rights issue based on European Conventions was the key point for Mr. Plakiotakis, his treatment as a political prisoner.

I took advantage of the opportunity to explain the clear position of the Albanian Opposition on this issue from the beginning to the next.

I also informed the interlocutor about the violation of the Constitution in its article 73 by the justice bodies in the case of the arrest without charge of the Leader of the Opposition, former President and former Prime Minister of the country Prof. Doc Sali Berisha, an event that has created big questions. and political tension.

Taking advantage of the full attention of the Greek counterpart, I asked him to convey to Prime Minister Mitsotakis the concerns of the DP as an allied party, so that the European institutions are alert to the issues of the Constitution, law and human rights, return and take the role that it is up to them to provide a solution to the parliamentary crisis in our country by carefully investigating the causes of the crisis.

With Mr. Plakiotakis shared the same opinion that we must work to avoid any attempt, any tension that generates conflict between our countries as two peoples that have historically been close to each other since the beginning.

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