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GJKKO postponed the trial for Berisha, Gjokutaj: Intentional, Irena Gjoka knew the hearing would not take place today

GJKKO postponed the trial for Berisha, Gjokutaj: Intentional, Irena Gjoka knew

Lawyer Genc Gjokutaj has commented on the decision of GJKKO to postpone the court session against the leader of the opposition Sali Berisha.

He stated that this postponement was intentional by judge Gjoka, as according to him the latter was aware that this session would not take place today.

In a Skype connection for the Task Force with Sonila Meçon on Syri Tv, Gjokutaj stated that this delay in the trial is a procedural violation on the part of the judge.

"This is a deliberate delay not only of today's but all of Mr. Berisha's research objects to go to the Greek calendars, as was done with the seal, as was done with the sigla, with the statute of re-establishment. If you will look at these, they are like a water drop in the direction of the procedural deadlines of postponing, dragging out these processes in order for the court to express itself at a moment when the political goal has been achieved. Neither more nor less we have filed a petition for invoking house arrest as a logically meaningless and illegal security measure outside of all criteria and conditions.

Today we went to court. It was scheduled for 3:00 p.m. Since setting the date and time, the judge has been aware that the session will not take place today because the justification would be as it was. I waited from 14:50 to 16:00 in the court corridor and then the secretary of Mrs. Irena Gjoka came out. This procrastination is a procedural violation by her, and for your information, the procrastination of judgments not only from the point of view of vetting, which has other criteria, but also from the point of view of the annual assessment of judges, is directly related to the average of judges. Judges who procrastinate are impaired in their assessment.”

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