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"The group has not met for a month", Spaho: The chairman of the seal leads it without debate and consultations, but with orders

"The group has not met for a month", Spaho: The chairman of the seal

Democrat MP Edmond Spaho states that the Democratic Party parliamentary group has not held meetings for discussions for almost a month.

In a Facebook post, Spaho writes that the "chairman of the seal" (as he addresses Lulzim Basha) leads the party without consultation, under pressure and in orders for the positions to be taken.

Full post:

It has been almost a month since the PD Parliamentary Group did not convene. This shows how the Chairman of the stamp leads the DP, without consultations, without debate, under pressure, in a personal way and with orders for the positions to be held.

Kjo ka bere qe shpesh here Grupi te mos kete propozime te tij dhe votoje p/ligje qe nuk duhen votuar.

Keshtu u veprua me "permiresimet" farse per pastrimin e parave, mospropozimi i asnje amendamenti per paketen fiskale, apo kumbullat propogandistike per denimin me 22 vjet burg te atyre qe fusin duart ne zgjedhje, ne nje kohe qe fazen e dyte te analizes dhe publikimin e fakteve per farsen e zgjedhjeve te 25 Prillit e shtyme per kalandat greke.

Praktika e mosmbledhjes se Grupit Parlamentar tregon friken qe ka zene drejtuesit e shoqates Basha-Bardhi nga grupi i deputeteve qe mbeshtesin Foltoren.

They are afraid to face and debate the impasse where they have introduced the DP, they are afraid of the Foltorja, they are afraid of the Assembly of December 11 where the DP will not only be re-established to overthrow Rama's narcotics, but will also overthrow Basha with the sejmes of his who are the facade of the narco-state.

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