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"He forgives public properties with concessions", Meta-Rama: Albanians take their money to the Netherlands

"He forgives public properties with concessions", Meta-Rama: Albanians

From the meeting with the structures of the Freedom Party in Tirana, the chairman Ilir Meta accused Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Meta said that Rama is giving away public properties as if they were his own by inventing strategic investors to give them concessions. Meta did not leave without mentioning the incinerators either, as he said that a Dutch company invests in Albania's alleged incinerators, and the government takes Albanian money and sends it to the Netherlands.

"I told you this not because you don't know, but these are not rhetoric, they are not malice, but official statistics. Comparative scientific data to show the dire situation in the capital. When we are in serious condition in Tirana, it is known where we are in all of Albania. Yesterday I met some citizens of Kavaja, they horrified me with what they told me.

Kavaja, which is part of the district of Tirana, one of the largest cities in the country, with the most history and tradition and contributions, today thanks to this irresponsible and disdainful and torturous sect, is in danger of turning into a big village. No courts, no prosecution. TO come from Kavaja to Tirana, to come here in the middle of traffic to get administrative certificates. Why is this done? It was clear to the Kavajas, because they want to tire and empty Kavaja with the strategic investors they take.

Those thieves. People who have worked all their lives in Albania, it tires them, torments them and forces them to leave. Overnight, he invents strategic investors and gives the army properties. I'm sorry that this belongs to the parents, it gives them concessions. Did you see, instead of the parent company from the Netherlands investing the commitments it has in Albania for the alleged incinerators, they take your money and take it to the Netherlands. It's good that the money doesn't come to us here, but these ," Meta said.

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