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"Of the international partners, or of Rama?"/ Lela: SPAK, whose 'child' is it?

"Of the international partners, or of Rama?"/ Lela: SPAK, whose

The director of information in DP, Alfred Lela, invited to Taskl Force on SYRI TV, spoke about the latest political developments and the fierce clash between Ilir Meta and SPAK.

Lela made a summary of the violations committed by SPAK and the new justice system, which according to him are causes that create doubts and dilemmas, whose 'child' is SPAK, international partners, or Rama's.

Lela: I have a dilemma, whose is SPAK and the justice system? Child of internationals or of Edi Rama? Let's go to the other option, 'parent 1' and 'parent 2'?

Is it turning into a confused child who knows each other's address but also knows it for evil purposes. Why? Because the internationals, starting from the last one, the protection of SPAK, rightly so, because I am taking it as their investment and they are in the right and they want it or not, good or bad with the disadvantages and advantages of them, the internationals, the Americans and the EU have played their determining role, which for me is mostly good, we must say that.

We cannot kick the 30 or so year contribution of benevolent forces towards Albania, but we cannot help but see what screams or what is of a large mass not so amorphous already and that we catch by comparing the cases, this with this, one fact with another.

I expected that the last vote in the parliament of the majority of Mr. Rama overturned the decision of the Constitutional Court. What is this Constitutional Court now, the red-headed stepchild? Is it not at the same level as SPAK? And this is where my dilemmas and doubts begin.

I love Americans very much to the end, but we have learned from America, from Reagan's America, a fantastic America, that the government is the problem and not the opposition. If they come to tell us that the problem is the opposition, no, sir, I don't accept it, I have a problem with that, because logic didn't hold for me, neither did my love, the love I had for America. If logic tells me that these are pricked, I am obliged to say that they are pricked.

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