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The young man lost his life in the chrome gallery, Tabaku: Alarm bell

The young man lost his life in the chrome gallery, Tabaku: Alarm bell

The deputy of the DP, Jorida Tabaku, has reacted regarding the event that happened in the chrome galleries in Bulqiza, where a miner lost his life.

In a post on Facebook, Tabaku says that this tragedy that happened in the Martanesh mine is a bell that should be felt by every instance of the government.

Post by Jorida Tabaku

The tragedy of the Martanesh mine where a 29-year-old man lost his life and 3 others were injured is a bell that should be felt by every state and government instance.

Such events are recurring, three months ago stones were thrown that seriously injured the workers and no measure has been taken, much less any intervention by the government that "celebrates" with socialist flowers "May 1" while forgetting about the workers.

A minority government means that the people of a rich land remain poor because the strong rule over the weak as in the law of the jungle.

To this should be added the way concessions are handled in these assets of Albanians and first of all the residents of that area. While we are still twisting the chain to approve a subcommittee that will investigate all concession contracts, the Ministry of Finance hides like an ostrich the report of Concessions and PPPs, mining workers are mistreated as in slavery. Underpaid, unsafe and in indescribable daily working conditions.

By trampling on his dignity, without taking the difficulty of the work that belongs to him. For years, the status of the miner that recognizes special rights for this category has not been part of the discussions at any table.

While this tragedy unfolds, the socialist majority has brought only laws and draft laws that play with fiscal concessions of mining rents that do not work for the areas with these assets but only for the minority that controls these gold mines.

This tragedy is not a reason to do politics. It is indeed an alarm bell not to repeat itself. Rest in peace to the late Armond Peshku who lost his life in the prime of his youth.


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