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Alone in the primary race, Boçi from Elbasan: Again, the vote has its value

Alone in the primary race, Boçi from Elbasan: Again, the vote has its

The candidate of the Democratic Party in the primaries for the Municipality of Elbasan, Luciano Boçi, has declared that even though he has no rivals, the vote is important.

He is closely following the voting process in Elbasan, which he says is proceeding smoothly and without incident.

Boçi stated that the citizens expect the municipality to return to them. He further emphasized that this process has returned enthusiasm to the democrats.

"Today I am the only candidate, but even when you are the only candidate, the vote has its value and the members have expressed this will. Some have voted. I am convinced that the sanctioning of the vote of the members will also sanction the voting power of the citizens to choose their representatives at different levels. 

This process should be an example for how to vote in Albania. Only once is the vote freely, without pressure and without buying and selling of votes. We are in the part of cooperation and the desire to avoid conflicts within the structure of the Democratic Party.

I see enthusiasm within the Democratic Party. Even in that part where they are with their heads to one side. Expectations are felt beyond the office of the Democratic Party. It's not just a matter of what I represent, but a matter of how the citizen of Elbasan conceives how his city should be run and the problems we share in this community ," he said.


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