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Incinerators/ Kelliçi: With the information that SPAK has, it is impossible that Veliaj will not be charged

Incinerators/ Kelliçi: With the information that SPAK has, it is

The member of the leadership of the Democratic Party, Belind Kelliçi, has commented on the new facts that he has filed in SPAK against Veliaj, which he said are related to the Tirana incinerator issue.

Invited to MCN, he said that with the 38 euros proposed by the World Bank, he undertook to do the entire chain of waste, while what is happening today is that with 29 euros per ton, Veliaj pays for the ghost incinerator, a bill that amounts to 12 million euros per year and as of today we pay 2.7 million euros more.

According to him, based on all the information that is available and that has been deposited in SPAK, it is impossible that Erion Veliaj will not be taken as a defendant.

"I have officially filed with my signature and seal in the name of PD and myself additional information regarding the incinerator of Tirana. It is about the complete study of the IFC and the World Bank from 2014 which Veliaj has deleted from the official protocol of the municipality and every institution other public, we have searched for this document and we have found it.

This happened because this document served as the starting point of the waste concession. The proposal made by the World Bank suggested that with 38 million euros per ton, the entire cleaning chain of Tirana was carried out, which included street cleaning, waste collection, landfill expansion and landfill treatment.

Veliaj takes this proposal and throws it in the trash and signs the concession for the Tirana incinerator himself, giving it a fee of 29 euros per ton, which includes only the disposal of waste in the landfill, and he went from studio to studio, beating his chest and saying that PD e there were 38 and I'm doing it with 29.

With 38 euros, the world bank undertook to make the whole chain, while what happens today is that Veliaj pays 29 euros per ton for the ghost incinerator and this bill is 12 million euros per year and the total bill is 30 million euros per year for it the whole chain. As we speak today, we pay 2.7 million euros more.

This is not a new lawsuit, but it is additional information on the criminal facts. The whole proceeding follows on the lawsuit made from the beginning, I have led, make no mistake, this is the eighth time that I have added additional information, but all of them are related to the incinerator issue. So it is official information that goes to SPAK, new evidence but for the same issue of the incinerator.

They called him as a witness and kept him for 8 hours, but as a defendant in my judgment, based on the facts and evidence filed in SPAK, it is impossible for SPAK not to take Veliaj as a defendant for the incinerator and 5D. Veliaj's involvement is direct ," he said. 

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