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Incinerators/ Kryemadhi speaks after testifying in SPAK: I will submit new evidence

Incinerators/ Kryemadhi speaks after testifying in SPAK: I will submit new

The MP of the Freedom Party, Monika Kryemadhi, has spoken to the media after the testimony she gave in SPAK regarding the affair of the incinerators.

Kryemadhi told the journalists that he has presented new evidence which he will submit in the following days, which are related to the reopening of the old storage site of Sharra.

The MP of the PL said that justice must act for the government that robs thousands of euros for waste that is not processed.

"Today I was at the SPAK for the case of the Tirana incinerator to present the new evidence and to decide once again the indictment, the criminal report that I submitted on March 4, 2021. Things are now becoming clearer every day more or less what needs to be done is to stop payments regarding the Tirana incinerator.

I want to emphasize that even though it was said about receiving the bonus of the offshore company, when we have payments with budget support scheme, why do we start the payment of 29 euros per ton from the first day of the contract.

I will continue to submit other documents for the reopening of the old Sharra landfill, so the crime scene should have been closed within 22 months based on EU standards. At the beginning of November, it was reopened again, depositing the waste. Plus the lie that was made in the commission of inquiry, is just buried, nothing happens.

The last moments are coming and I hope that justice will triumph for the citizens who robbed 29 euros per ton for waste that you have seen what happens to them" , said Kryemadhi.

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