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"There were meetings with Alibeajt's group"/ Berisha opens the doors: Any deputy can run, the primaries decide

"There were meetings with Alibeajt's group"/ Berisha opens the

Berisha before entering the Parliament: The primaries will decide, not the presidency nor the chairman. Any MP who wants to run is invited to run.

The leader of the Democrats, Sali Berisha, gave a statement to the journalists before entering the Parliament, where he reiterated that in the local elections, the opposition will come up with a single candidate. He said that the meetings will continue in the coming days.

"I met Mr. Ilir Meta and Petrit Vasili. I also met the leaders of the opposition parties, Mr. Mediu, Dule, Duka and Dashamir Shehi. I find that it is really moving towards a single candidate.

I thank all the interlocutors, all the allies for their positive intentions so that the opposition appears in these elections with a single candidate.

Meanwhile, in the following days, I will meet all the political forces that have had electoral activity, but that are not in the parliament. Even with them, I will try to find a solution to go with a common front" , said Berisha.

The latter sent a message of unity again, while declaring that any deputy can run. Berisha underlined that he will not withdraw from the primaries.

"Each deputy is invited to run if he wants to, and to encourage others to run. I guarantee you that the presidency, except in exceptional cases, will not make an elimination selection, but it will be the primaries. It will be the primaries that will decide, not the presidency and the mayor. Any MP who wants to run is invited to run", added the chief democrat.

Asked about talks with Alibeaj's group, Berisha said that meetings have been held and will be held, while leaving the doors of communication open.

"Meetings have been held and meetings will be held. Mr. Paloka is intensively dealing with this. But not only him. All doors of communication are open. This public invitation of mine is the last case. We welcome any suggestions.

...This is not a race that the leadership of the Democratic Party handles. This is a race that is determined by the primaries", added Berisha.

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