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Kelliçi: Wearing masks, patronageists arrest Alfred Pllumbi with bread in their mouths

Kelliçi: Wearing masks, patronageists arrest Alfred Pllumbi with bread in

The member of the Presidency of the DP, Belind Kelliçi and the member of the Presidency of Branch No. 2 of PD in Tirana, Alfred Pllumbi came out in a statement to the media from the blue headquarters.

The bullet was arrested by the police, due to the protest held in front of the Tirana City Hall.

Kelliçi stated that the arrest of Plumbi was made as in the era of terror. By arresting the democrat with bread in his mouth. Kelliçi said that the internationals should react to the arrests of the protesters, as he called on the operatives to stop the operations as if they were terrorists.

"Last night after midnight, as in the era of terror of Koçi Xoxes and Bedri Spahi, the police of Taulanti and Ed have illegally and brazenly arrested, around 1 am, in flagrant violation of the law, the Member of the Headship of Branch 2 , of the Democratic Party of Tirana, Mr. Alfred Plumbi.

Dressed in masks, they took him by force with bread in his mouth, like real anti-Albanians, because the Albanian code clearly states that one cannot touch bread.

These are the patronage-policemen of the Rama-Balla narco-state. Enraged by the civil resistance and opposition protests, to protect the thief and the leader of the Structured Criminal Group 5D, Erion Veliaj and to intimidate the opposition, they have been out for two days in search operations against the protesters as if they were terrorists.

These are the same policemen who are on the payroll of criminal groups, who give them information, who work for them. Sold out and cowards with the criminals, brave with the opposition protesters, with the ordinary citizens, who appear in front of the municipality, not for the crime but against it.

Edi Rama, Taulant Balla and Erion Veliaj must immediately stop the operations against the opposition protesters. They must stop stalking and searches of their homes during the day and late at night. Otherwise, the next step, our next stop, is no longer the municipality, but their villas made with the blood and sweat of Albanians, with the money of drug trafficking and economic crime.

"Alfred Plumbi, Franc Kaloshi, Kevin Vidrica and Bernard Metaliaj, who have been arrested and others who are wanted, have no chance to be scared or intimidated" , declared Kelliçi.

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