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Investigative commission in health, Vokshi: Majority obstructing meetings, Ndreca in conflict of interest

Investigative commission in health, Vokshi: Majority obstructing meetings,

The chairperson of the Investigative Committee for PPP in health, Albana Vokshi, has reacted with a note on Facebook about the work of the committee she leads.

She accused the majority of obstructing the commission's work. As for the PS representative Plarent Ndreca writes that he was in a conflict of interest.


1. Lack of Activity of the Investigative Commission: This week, the investigative commission did not meet due to the lack of majority deputies. The chairman of the committee has made several calls for meetings, but no response from the majority.

2. Institutions in violation of the deadlines have not provided the required information: With only one month left of the commission's deadline, some institutions such as the FSKDSH, the Ministry of Health and some municipalities have not responded or have provided insufficient information to the commission . This behavior has hindered the commission's work. FSKDSH and the Ministry of Health have played ping pong and left each other responsible for not providing information.

3. Vice-president Ndreca takes revenge on the HCLA: In the last meeting, the vice-president Plarent Ndreca violated Article 12/2 of the law on investigative commissions by using derogatory language towards the witness, the auditor of the HCLA, Mr. Celibacy. This behavior is a personal vendetta against the HSC and the auditors.

4. Conflict of Interest and Abuse of Duty: Plarent Ndreca has been in a conflict of interest. He did not inform the commission about the audits and findings of the SSC, which included criminal charges against him for breach of duty during the time he was Secretary General in the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the Interior.

5. The report of the HLSH to the Ministry of Education for 2013-2014: The HLSH has recommended disciplinary measures up to "dismissal from the civil service" for Plarent Ndreca.

6. KLSH report to the Ministry of Education for 2017-2019: Audits have found violations and recommend disciplinary measures against Ndreca, his removal from the civil service.

7. The 2018-2020 report of the KLSH to the Ministry of the Interior: Ndreca, who was Secretary General at the Ministry of the Interior and a member of the Municipal Council, was found responsible for various violations and they recommended his removal from the civil service.

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