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Economic crisis/ DP comes up with two proposals, Berisha-Ramës: The citizens' revolt will decide on these 2 demands

Economic crisis/ DP comes up with two proposals, Berisha-Ramës: The

The Democratic Party has come up with several proposals, referring to the difficult economic situation of the citizens and the country's economy. In a statement to the media from the headquarters, the chief democrat Sali Berisha said that tourism is suffering from a serious crisis.

"Due to the use of budget revenues by Edi Rama and his government in the function of their massive theft and waste, such as the case of the continuous disbursement of public funds on the crime, described as such, the firecrackers of Fier and Tirana.

As is the case with the law of the parliament to finance with hundreds of millions of euros, the clientele of Edi Rama, with whom he shares the money. As is the case with the procurement of the Blue Corridor, or the treasury corridor. All these are rapidly ruining the Albanian economy, ruining family budgets. What is being felt in the most powerful way is the main sector of the country's economy, tourism ," said Berisha.

The latter requested the urgent subvention of urban and interurban transport tickets. The chief democrat took Germany as an example, which has already taken this measure.

"In these emergency circumstances, PD requests the immediate establishment of full subsidy of all urban and interurban transport tickets in the territory of Albania.

This DP proposal is not unfounded, but based on a series of European countries. I remind you here that in Germany, with a monthly ticket of 9 euros, I can move around the country", declared Berisha.

Another DP proposal is the halving of oil taxation, which with the value of 1.1 euros is the highest in the world. Berisha argued that this would then bring down the price of oil.

"The halving of this fiscal burden would be accompanied by a correspondingly significant decrease in the price of oil. Those who think that the coffers will be emptied, this is not true.

It is enough for the government to clear customs for the oil that passes outside the customs system in Albania. There is no possibility that oil is contraband, except when it is patronized by the black hand of the government" , he added.

Berisha warned Prime Minister Edi Rama that the citizens' revolt will decide on these demands.



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