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Chronicle, the dream of Birth and other plans that are so subtle!

Chronicle, the dream of Birth and other plans that are so subtle!

By Agron Gjekmarkaj

Lindita had not slept peacefully!

Near the morning, a dream had saddened him so much that it is not said on the spot, but later it may turn out to be a blessing. He stood up and put his head out of the window to catch his breath.

He had waited for the dawning of the light and almost with difficulty it had happened to him in the office. He hastily called the "three musketeers", Jona, Kostaq and Genci. He didn't know how to begin and a silence like a river without a bridge was separating him from them.

They were all shortening, gathered and became a fist as much as Costa. Finally, he spoke: "I saw in a dream that Grandfather told me that I will not set foot in the Assembly again, and I will wash all of you, I fainted in my sleep"....! Jona had given it to the horse with lebet. The boy, who didn't even want to cry, told him not to do that, aman, because it will affect us, but in the end he gave up, cried and screamed and he shook him.

Kostaqi, unlike the first two, did not give himself up, but kept the pain inside, he cried with mimicry and silently, like in the movies of the 20s, he was meek, so that the pain was clearly expressed, but the oil did not come out as a noise spoiled marmite.

Lindita didn't understand what was happening for a moment, but quickly gathered herself! "Rest, you sparks," he shouted, because my dreams are the opposite in reality. It seems that Babo will come to the session with the nearest! That's why I came quickly, I'll bring you the butt, but I was scared and didn't collect myself".

The tears dried up, the faces were laughing and bubbling with gas, the joy was palpable; the four were happy, so much so that the office could not contain the joy, which attacked the corridors of the huge building of the Assembly. As a memory of the deep sadness, only the wrinkled, puffy and puffy faces remain.

"Now we need a plan, said Genci, and I will do it so that we don't give the sihariq without the miracle happening. Even when I was little, I wanted to be like Belul Gjonomadhi in "The Big Winter" and "Face to Face", guarding the base at night with a double-edged sword, don't let the Russians take it from us, I say take a "Simonov" self-loading carbine, model 56, and go early to be a guard because you never know!" Costa looked at him without speaking. "I think it looks more like Belul Gjeraqina," he thought.

"The cuckoo said Lindita, you scumbags with rifles have your mind, the opposition accuses us of terror, Babo is protected by the love of childhood, you take a knife or a pair of slingshots for self-defense and that's it!"

"It turns out that the plans make the Greeks in history, Jona said, they put the horse where the mind does not expect it, so the honor and responsibility belongs to Kostaq of Gramozi and Lindita, I saw how he cried, only with muscles, without zukama, now so laugh softly without squealing! To tear your soul, but spare you the thrill, not like us who turned it into a meadow of tears. Now I fill you with light"!

Kostaqi was breathless! He began to break down the strategic-tactical plan:

"I think, he said, that on Monday morning Genci and I should go around the Assembly dressed as municipal workers. We leave the genci there as a tall tree, we just put some artificial green branches on the side. Cows do not graze on that side to risk being bitten. As for himself, yes with camouflage. I will climb the highest pine tree and watch! Whoever sees it first, whistles viu viu viu, takes off the jacket and makes a sign, spinning it in the air! If we don't understand, you Genci take a Bianchi bike left as if by chance in a plane tree and run to break the news to Jona at the door, who calls your sister and friend. They come out and start the party on the stairs! They turn it on themselves because they have experience. The guard shuts the mouth of those wicked Prime Minister Muli se buchete he, and the leader in perspective Gaz Bardhi, so that he does not cry from those that spoil the blood !! Or that Salianji who is blacker than hell needs to make something up.

Gjekmarkaj is also invited because we lie to him less than that guy likes surreal scenes, to stay at the guard post to follow the event for the chronicle, because who remembers that with him he changes the world, the millet makes lek he writes gepura?!" ! Gjoncaj, as if he came out of the bracket, said it as a maxim, "if he was making money, he wouldn't write the chronicle".

Lindita immediately became in a good mood. "Truly these three years you have been tired, you have removed the black olives, that's all you have a halal salary, I am even sorry that I did not give you any additional salary, and from a smile from Baba, even from afar. Genci said up close it would be better and that addition works! Yes, Jona waited for them, you will and closely, you don't say thank you that you don't talk to the deputies at all. Kosta approved with a gesture, pulling his eyebrows and opening his arms! Kostaq was enjoying the exposure of the plan! On the stairs, the duet Etilda - Ismet Beqiri appears, singing "the world has a lion today, let's Asia let's Europe". (author's note, Ismeti says that we will do the prokopi properly, the elegance of the form with the power of the popular sole together)

Dilua accompanied them with firsamonica, as he used to when he was young in the hearth of Zephyr culture. Tony distributed blessings and threw sugar and rose petals, like at a wedding. There will be tears of joy, there Laerti makes himself, gathers them. Snow will lick his hands, but Ogi will stay close to him to keep him under control so that the joy works hard. That Ogi and the surplus have nothing in common, Ogi and mass are one.

The mother will show a banner at the entrance "He is coming as a written dove, to save the usurped Parliament" or at the end he will dance like in Milan, but who knows how Nallbati will react to us, playing tricks on us?!

All those who feel insecure about the next term, kiss the tires of the car as soon as it stops!! "Enough, enough, Lindita interrupted, let's leave it to spontaneity, although I find it very difficult to think why even those members of the Opposition, who tear out their eyes, don't have a party like us?! Ukubeters are ruining Teresia with ruin".

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