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Kryemadhi about the 'fight' with Meta: I don't say "yes boss", the debate started over that misfortune

Kryemadhi about the 'fight' with Meta: I don't say "yes

Deputy Monika Kryemadhi says that there is no political conflict with Ilir Meta, but according to her, the latter receives wrong advice from the new advisers in the Freedom Party.

Invited to the show "Opinion", Kryemadhi said that there were no high-pitched discussions at the meeting of the party leadership.

According to Kryemadhi, the debate in the Freedom Party started after the hacking attack on the computers at the party's headquarters a few weeks ago.

Monika Kryemadhi considers the denunciation that Meta himself made to the law-enforcement bodies on this issue as a disgrace.


Blendi Fevziu: What is the essence of your political conflict?

Monika Kryemadhi: I don't think there is a conflict, there is a different behavior of the wrong advisers he has gathered. These are debates that I have had in the Presidency meeting.

Blendi Fevziu : Was the Presidency meeting tense?

Monika Kryemadhi: No, it was not tense. The debate that Monika Kryemadhi always knows how to do, she doesn't debate by saying yes boss, Monika debates by showing that the debate started with that famous denunciation that was signed by Mr. Meta regarding the servers.

The debate is also about many other things related to meritocracy, commitment, functioning of structures, taking responsibility. I don't think a political party is just like and share on Facebook. The structure of a political party is the direct physical contact with the people. That piece signed by Ilir Meta is a...


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