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The third open letter to SPAK, Malltezi: Submission of the Special Prosecutor's Office has created political prisoners in Albania

The third open letter to SPAK, Malltezi: Submission of the Special

By Jamarber Malltezi
Following the two public letters that I sent to SPAK, for which "afterwards" there is no answer, let's also look at the ignoring of the rule of law and the creation of political prisoners after 33 years of democracy in Albania. Definition of political imprisonment according to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe -
Resolution 1900 (2012). A person deprived of personal freedom is treated as a 'political prisoner':
a. if the arrest was imposed in violation of one of the basic guarantees
described in the European Convention on Human Rights...;
b. if the arrest was made for purely political reasons unrelated to any criminal offense;
c. if, for purely political reasons, the length of the arrest or the conditions are clearly outside the scope
of the criminal offense of which the person is found guilty or suspected;
d. if, for political reasons, he or she was arrested in a discriminatory manner
compared to other persons; or
e. if the arrest is the result of procedures that were clearly unfair and this
seems to be related to the political motives of the authorities.
The constitution was violated in the case of measures against the leader of the opposition Prof. Dr. Sali Berishes. In violation of the Constitution (No. 71) and the jurisprudence of the ECtHR, Berisha was banned from going to the Parliament without a formal decision. She was appointed a judge in a conflict of interest and was caught in a criminal offense for blackmail. Arrest measures were set without even Prof. being asked. Berisha nor Prof. Maltez. The legal defense was hindered by not allowing a single day of time to review 42 fascicles, while the judge with three surnames appointed as a defense lawyer someone who requested
the arrest of Berisha. The prohibition of communication was imposed as an illegal measure as it has been removed from the Criminal Code since 2017 as it conflicts with the human rights convention.
Albanians remember how Taulant Balla entered and exited SPAK, turning it into a
personal services office, and filed a criminal complaint as if the land of 5 of the founding families of Tirana had been expropriated by Shefqet Verlaci and Jako Mane (he knew Jakomon from Jako Mane). This was proven as a false report, a punishable criminal offense (Article 305 Criminal Code), but the political prosecutors - one of whom was promoted by Taulant Balla from Elbasan in SPAK
- "unfortunately" do not dare to implement the law.
In addition to these facts, the double standards of the prosecutors in the case of
Berisha in a discriminatory way compared to some examples of Edi Rames are also interesting. Five old families in Tirana got their property back after a long 15-year ordeal from 1995 to 2009. The prosecutors write that they suspect corruption because the property of their ancestors - stolen by the communists - was returned to the owners of Tirana after 15 years. procedure, incl
and the payment of nearly 800,000 USD (720,000 USD in cash in the bank and 80,000 USD in privatization bonds) from the legal owners to buy the destroyed and occupied buildings.
From about 44,500 m2 taken by the legal heirs of the 5 owner families, Prof. Maltez got
410m2 from his grandmother's property, or less than 1% of it.
On the other hand, Edi Rama only with 1 piece of paper (VKM 183 dated 9.3.2016) donated 37,000 m2 of land including 5,160 m2 of buildings for only €1 to the company run by Edi Rama's brother.
It was not returned to the legal owners (Deliu and Lici families) as the military department was in the Armed Forces Expansion Plan BUT in violation of the law it was given to Edi Rames' brother to carry out private sports and business activities!
So, let your brother give you 37,000 m2 of public land and 5,160 m2 of buildings between Tirana, except for 1 company of his own, one beautiful day and only for 1 euro, a normal dog (no criminal offense), while the property will be returned to hundreds of hereditary families after 15 years of running through dozens of institutions and being forced to pay another 800,000 euros for the ruined and occupied buildings, there are suspicions of corruption and the head of the opposition should be arrested because his son-in-law becomes
the owner of 1% of the land! "Afermendsh" beautiful standard according to the prosecutors.
Prosecutors Millonai and Kraja wrote that the change of the land's destination from sports to housing was a suspicion based on corruption for Prof. Berishen, but now that it turned out that Edi Rama did it, has he started investigations against Edi Rama and his directors for these changes?
It turns out that the destination of the land for 7,000m2 was changed by Edi Rama himself with his company in
KRRT directed by him on June 8, 2006. A month earlier (12.05.2006), the Technical Council of KRRT (consisting of 10 trusted directors appointed by Edi Rama himself) for the dubious interests of Edi Rama's friends changed the destination from sports to residential (i) without the request of the land owners, (2) before the land owners had any development contracts with construction companies and ( 3) before the privatization was carried out. Two years later with decision no. 238
date 27.12.2008 of KRRT, Edi Rama changed the destination of the entire large area from
sports to an area with high urban parameters.
So, if you had changed the destination to Berisha, you would have suspicions of corruption, but since Edi Rama changed it, the prosecutors do not comment, and do not even mention the name of the criminal Edi Rama. In the rule of law, prosecutors investigate cases or persons according to the order?
The case that became public at the former Dajti Sports Club is also interesting. The landowners should enjoy
the property of their ancestors, but the abuse of the prosecutors is a clear indication of
double standards: (1) The General Regulatory Plan of Tirana had designated it as a "Sports Zone"; (2)
The Detailed Local Plan of the area has detailed the sports area; (3) In October 2023, the Municipality
announced a tender for the rehabilitation of sports fields; (4) yes, in October 2023, Edi Rama, in violation
of the Plan, signed a 41-story building permit! Where is SPAK located for Edi Ramen?
The prosecutors hide and do not dare to express themselves even when it comes out that Edi Rama has caused
financial damage of 320,000 Euros, verified by a final court decision. Does the law oblige them
to protect public money or what did you want? They are the same prosecutors who committed constitutional violations, by seizing a civil file and not allowing the rights of a regular legal process
except to illegally protect Taulant Ballen.
"The courts decide what we (SPAK) demand" but you believe that SPAK is
under the political orders of Edi Rames and you don't even dare to mention the name.
The regime has arrested the leader of the opposition without any facts, evidence or evidence, because
his sons-in-law returned 410 m2 of land stolen by the communists. The arrest continues because they are investigating whether or not there were measures against fire in the buildings in 2010-2012 or whether there was technical opposition to the project of architect Daniel Libeskind. "Then the courts decide what we ask for" - it went as far as violating the constitution.
In the meantime, Edi Rama has robbed over 6 million m2 of land on the coast, sharing it with
his friends and relatives, including 4 personal VKM, in addition to stealing land to leave a waqf for a school.
The estate of Edi Rames (Franku) has benefited from 51 public tenders with a total value of 21.7 million
euros, dozens of which were secret tenders. Edi Rama gave his stepdaughter hundreds of thousands of euros from the public tender, and gave his brother 37,000 m2 of land
that he refused to return to the owners. He bequeathed the palace to his wife, Lindes. The former head of
ILDKP (Zana Xhucka) who dared to ask Edi Rama's wife for an explanation about the palace in dowry for which there is no receipt, was urgently dismissed by Edi Rama.
Where is SPAK? Has an investigation been started for any of these thefts of money and public land? Has Edi Ramen been arrested while conducting investigations? Or is Edi Rama above the law and SPAK does not even dare to respond to open letters, let alone investigate?
SPAK has Berisha in custody without having a single lek of public money and does not investigate Edi Ramen for tens of millions of euros in tenders, 37,000 m2 of land and buildings in dowry. Arrest in a discriminatory manner is part of the definition of political imprisonment according to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe - Resolution 1900.
We have seen how Soros-diplomats in violation of ethics and the rule of law such as Gabriel
Escobar5 (on December 10, 2021) and Ambassador Kim6 sought for SPAK to proceed
Berishen. Edi Rama, who controls everything in monist Albania, publicly demanded that
SPAK face Sali Berishen in the SP Congress and Assembly in 2022.7 As can be clearly seen from the documents of the investigative file, SPAK prosecutors have carried out actions following these orders, investigating 3 generations up to the granddaughters of Sali Berisha from the time when they were not born yet.
Interference and pressure on the justice system, bringing justice under the political orders and
pressures of Edi Rames and Soros are not only criminal offenses (both in Albania and in the USA),
but were once used to fight the opposition, to undermine democracy and violated
the rule of law. For the first time since the fall of communism in Albania,
political arrests returned and this is sad for both democracy and the rule of law.

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