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Law on Protected Areas, Zhupa: EU has opposed it

Law on Protected Areas, Zhupa: EU has opposed it

Democratic MP Ina Zhupa, speaking to the media after the adoption of the law on Protected Areas, said that they will do everything to stop it.

She stated that with the approval of this law, the way is opened for the destruction of protected areas in the interest of Strategic Investors.

" As you followed, this session started with a civil society protest, because today a law was passed which is ultimately the destruction of protected areas.

This law removes protection from protected areas to make strategic investments, and civil society has expressed its opposition, and we are against it and will make every effort to stop it, from the President to the Court of Justice.

The EU has reacted by saying that it is in violation of the chapters for the opening of negotiations and in violation of the conventions signed by Albania. It is a custom project. The project for Karavastana was made, without the law being voted.

Let me tell you a paradox. If you can cut down a tree in the forest, kill a wild animal, you are punished. But if you destroy an entire protected area it is called a strategic investment. Mirela Kumbaro, the most failed minister.

 I would like to go to a referendum on such laws. The process was very fast and I think that all the steps were followed by the government so that everyone had the opportunity to react",  said Zhupa.

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