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The mandate of Olta Xhaçka, Korreshi: SP should let the matter go to the Constitutional Court

The mandate of Olta Xhaçka, Korreshi: SP should let the matter go to the

PD MP Saimir Korreshi in a statement to the media, in front of the parliament where a session is being held for the mandate of Socialist MP Olta Xhaçka, said that the Socialist Party should let the case go to the Constitutional Court.

He also said that Xhaçka's husband was not an assisted investor, but a strategic one as he benefited from 10,000 square meters.

The mandate has deteriorated in recent days. People have gone to prison for Gaçi's properties. There is nothing left to say. What fear do they have that the Constitutional Court will judge it? It is the first time that they have come against him.

I think that today the SP should, since it has faith in the GJK, should take it. It is she who gives the last word. They are the ones who also decided in previous decisions.

Of the brandy glass storm that Xhaçka mentioned, we were neither drunk nor ignorant. We are confident in the interpretation of the relationship. Claims should be submitted to the Constitutional Court. We are not in the time of Enver to say that Xhaçka should not be judged.

If so, let's all become strategic investors. I wanted two sunbeds there too. It would be nice to have 10 thousand meters of beach. Let's leave it to the Constitutional Court ," Korreshi said.

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