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Xhaçka's mandate, Noka: Rama uses justice as an instrument when needed

Xhaçka's mandate, Noka: Rama uses justice as an instrument when

The General Secretary of the Democratic Party, Flamur Noka, during his speech at the meeting he held with the united opposition in Durrës, Noka stated that the necessity of the work of the opposition is to enable political rotation.

Noka also stopped at the decision of the Assembly regarding Xhaçka's mandate, as he says that "Justice advertised that it has an instrument that when it needs to be used, when it is not needed it is trampled under foot".

Noka: " Yesterday, the assembly, by order of Rama, advertised the justice system as having an instrument that he uses when he needs it, and tramples it when he doesn't need it." When he needs to install his autocratic regime, he arrests the opposition leader without any evidence and facts and keeps him imprisoned without any charges. When he doesn't need to, he kicks him because he can't threaten his partner in the affair Olta Xhacken, or in the case of Xibraka, his brother, or a justice which the criminal organization 5D will not be able to ignore and judge individually. A real 5D justice should judge it as a structured criminal group. Albania is in national danger, so uniting, confronting and bringing this regime to its knees is and will be our challenge. In this aspect, the necessity of our work is to enable political rotation. Albania has these chances blocked by Rama. Therefore, the electoral reform that will be proposed by us will achieve this goal. A reform that ensures free elections and enables rotation".

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