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The Serbian-Russian Agreement in New York, Berisha: Threat to the Balkans, Rama is working to destabilize the Region

The Serbian-Russian Agreement in New York, Berisha: Threat to the Balkans, Rama

The President of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, raises concerns about the danger that threatens the Western Balkans from Serbia and Russia, as well as Prime Minister Rama's stance on this matter.

Berisha comments on the Serbian-Russian agreement in New York, stressing that Belgrade is a tool of Moscow. According to him, this agreement proves that the severing of ties between Serbia and Russia is only an illusion and that it will not happen.

"Dear friends, Putin's foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, met two days ago at the UN Headquarters and signed with the Serbian foreign minister, Nikola Selakovic, the Agreement on Foreign Policy Cooperation between Moscow and Belgrade.

This agreement proves clearly and conclusively that Serbia is behaving like little Russia and its president Vučić is a little Putin in our region. Belgrade's agreement with Moscow after the Russian aggression in the heart of Europe against a free country, Ukraine, proves how illusory are the efforts to separate the little Putin of Serbia from the Great Putin of Russia" , writes Berisha.

The latter adds that this proves that Rama is working for Russian-Serbian influence and the destabilization of the Region, which contradicts the country's interests.

"Strongly condemning this as a threat to peace in our region, I add that the agreement on cooperation in foreign policy between Moscow and Belgrade also proves that Edi Rama, this vassal of Vučić with the support of the Open Balkans is working with dedication for hegemony Russian-Serbian and the destabilization of the region and against the national interests of the Albanians", writes Berisha.

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