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The meeting of the KDK, Meta gives instructions: Tooth for tooth with patronageists!

The meeting of the KDK, Meta gives instructions: Tooth for tooth with

The president of PL, Ilir Meta, delivered his speech today at the meeting of the National Steering Committee of the Freedom Party. Meta repeated the 5 priorities of the party he leads, where one of the focuses is agriculture.

'We are in the first steps to take control of the country in a critical situation. In Colombia the state fights the mafia, in Albania the mafia runs the state. There, they left Escobar as a deputy for 3 months, and then he was arrested. Here a criminal tells the Albanians where they should go. We cannot accept global governance, it looks at us as numbers, statistics.

Today we made a wonderful table about agriculture. The destruction of agriculture, animal husbandry, lack of support for our farmers is not accidental. Our platform which is concrete based on the best model, will make it possible for our agriculture to recover. It will be done so that we don't boast that there are 4 hostels in Cologne, but that there are colonists in Cologne to be proud, that there is well-being.'

Meta repeated the accusations against the prime minister and the nepotism connections that are committing corruption in customs.

"Everywhere we must be at the forefront of denouncing the crimes committed by the renaissance. They poison all of Albania, to steal. We have the best program. I was surprised by the focus they had in Montenegro for our program. Anything doable. Where will the money be found? The money is here. 3.3. Rama, with his nepotistic connections in customs, snatches billions of euros.

There are 13.2 billion euros in one government mandate, the entire debt. Each baby that is born has a bill of 4600 euros in debt. In addition to his arbitrations. I salute the many PL leaders who are doing their best to explain the 5 priorities. Every Albanian should be clear, there is a solution for every problem. every pensioner should know that it is stolen by Edi Rama.'

So, he drew attention to the episode in Montenegro, at the EU-Western Balkans summit, where Rama did not leave his chair to shake hands with Prime Minister Kurti.

He is not allowed to shake hands with the Prime Minister of Kosovo. There are more shameless, more undignified behaviors. Kudos to him for keeping calm and dignity. This man who is programmed to destroy this country in exchange for an amnesty and at the same time has the card in his pocket, it's your fault that you knew I was with the cartel, he should have left an hour ago and we and only us will do this .'

Meta emphasized that the renaissance polls have no value and will be thrown at Lana, as they seek to rule public opinion.

It is the duty of the opposition to remove the former mayor from the municipality once and for all. How much the directors of the municipality have stolen, not all Albanian governments have stolen. The time has come to return what they stole. Directed justice does not apply. Polls don't count either. They will jump to Lana. They remember that with the polls of the incinerators they will direct the opinion of the Albanians.'


Recently, Meta did not even mention the patronageists where he called on PL members to show them the country.

You will not tolerate anything. You have to answer the patron Nazis, on the ground there and everywhere. Patronageists are not brave, they took advantage of our indifference. Even from the gullibility of some opponents who thought they would become leaders. This is our country and it is our duty to show that we are masters. Vucic is a master in his country. it is as it is it has attracted foreign investment. We cannot underestimate every opposition action, on the contrary, we must strengthen the action everywhere in the parliament, in the municipality of Tirana.

We will have 1/3 representatives of the diaspora. From the most qualified people who have shown success in those countries, who eat their hands and cry their hearts out that they know how to implement in their country.

We have no rest, no time for vacations.'

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