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Meeting of the presidency, Berisha: The main motto, the unification of all democrats around the flag of their party

Meeting of the presidency, Berisha: The main motto, the unification of all

Berisha: Good afternoon and greetings, I greet the members of the DP, its leaders.
I consider this meeting very important, at a special moment of DP, at a moment when a real ordeal, imposed in an unconstitutional, illegal manner by Edi Rama and his regime comes to an end.
The presidency meets today with the main motto of uniting all the democrats around the flag of their party.
That is, about the ideals, about the contributions, and I think that the most important message conveyed by this meeting today is the welcome of everyone who over the years made undeniable contributions to this party and that for one reason or another, for a reason, or a other, have hesitated to join the majority using, or having as a cause the issue of the logo, the flag which, as a great injustice, came to an end these days.
Therefore, as I have done repeatedly, I call again to all the democrats who believe in the ideals they have defended in the contribution they have made, to unite and continue our battle.
I emphasize here that this is not a union in celebration, but a union in battle.
In a battle of vital importance, decisive for the fate of Albania and the Albanian nation.
Emphasizing this, I address you, the members of the leadership of the DP, it is your first duty, like all the structures of our party, to do everything to welcome in their home, all those democrats and democrats who they feel like that, and they want to join us.

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