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The closure of 'Mehmet Akif', Berisha: shameful act of the government! Sinan Idrizi should not play with national interests

The closure of 'Mehmet Akif', Berisha: shameful act of the government!

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, has called the Albanian government's decision to close the Turkish private school "Mehmet Akif" shameful and humiliating.

In his speech at the meeting of the DP National Council, Berisha said that the closure of schools and kindergartens in Albania was done by order of Turkey, as he called Prime Minister Rama a man without a homeland.

Also, Berisha sent a message to the businessman Sinan Idrizi, who turns out to be the buyer of the building of the closed "Mehmet Akif" school in Tirana.

"I understand that there are citizens who interpret the positions of the president of Turkey as special, but they are absolutely in flagrant opposition to the friendship and cooperation that existed between the two sovereign countries.

First, I remind every Albanian that they should never forget that for us the nation comes first and we are a multi-religious nation.

We cannot accept political influence from anyone in our religious reports. Those who said that 'the religion of the Albanian is Albanianism', were believers of God. They said that religions should not divide Albanians.

On the one hand, he wants to appoint the head of the Muslim Community, who is elected by a vote of his congregation.

Now it turns out that he will open and close our schools whenever he wants.

There is no more shameful, humiliating, slanderous act than closing schools and kindergartens because they are allegedly linked to terrorists and coup plotters in Turkey.

Without any facts. The only fact that they find an oligarch of the clientele to say that I bought the building, Sinan Idrizi. I say to Sinan Idrizi, don't act like you will answer, don't play in national interests.

If Turkey respects Albania as a sovereign country, it will not be able to dictate the closing of schools and kindergartens.

With no maneuvers, and we will tell this to the Albanians wherever they are. We cannot accept an individual like this to allow decisions for us to be made in Belgrade and Istanbul. Those times are gone," said Berisha.

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