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Meta: Rama's first three orders to McGonigal were for me

Meta: Rama's first three orders to McGonigal were for me

The chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, spoke about the McGonigal scandal.

In a press conference, he said that the former FBI agent did not make four visits to Albania, but there are many more and that were not reported according to the law in the USA.

Meta said that Edi Rama's first three orders to Charles McGonigal were for him, when he was President.

"I am very honored that the first three orders that Edi Rama gave to this gentleman who was detained by the FBI, he gave against the president in office at that time, Ilir Meta, to conduct illegal investigations under the authority of the FBI- of, to influence here and abroad and to obtain false testimony.

Caushaj has given a small part of the truth that I have known.
There are not 4 visits, that's all they have registered at the moment. The investigation will reveal many more unreported visits under US State law that have been a function of Edi Rama's games to destroy stability.

We have our work and our justice. We also have the justice of the people. These people have met with prosecutors, judges, law enforcement officers and businessmen and were used by Edi Rama to blackmail and deceive ," said Meta.

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