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"Don't you dare enter the municipality tomorrow", Berisha-Veliajt: Why did you transfer the public waste enterprise to the private one?

"Don't you dare enter the municipality tomorrow",

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha also stopped at the opposition protest that the opposition is expected to hold tomorrow in front of the Tirana municipality.

From the civic gathering, Berisha warned the mayor Erion Veliaj to resign, while asking him why he had to transfer the public waste enterprise to the private one. 

Berisha : Erion Veliaj, don't you dare enter the town hall tomorrow.

Do not provoke the citizens.
Resign and leave.
He has never known a thief like you...
Tell the citizens of Tirana why you had to transfer the public waste enterprise to the private sector?
How could you give her, 3R and Redi Molla's cousin land for landfill without the decision of the Municipal Council?
When you and these, Erion, why didn't you do it by tender, but under your hand?
The earth has never seen a thief like you.
What about the agreement with Miloranzi of Verona or did you become a member of Ndragheta on this occasion?
Eko-Tirana was sold to the incinerator company. You publicly lied that the Council decided to fund the incinerator, at a time when the Council had never met.
Whose company is it, thief, who takes over and pays Rakip Suli's money?
Remove the education fund and pay 6 million euros to the Municipality of Kamza?
It is yours, otherwise you would never do such an act.
Yes, there is no law for you, you put them in the bag with Zaman, with Kraja and all in a row.
What about the 8 points you gave to your company with Edi Rama, without it being established yet?
At the end of the day, you are the owner of the incinerator that swallowed 135 million euros until today and there is no trace, name or mole that you and Edi Rama stole it.
Erion Veliaj, in dozens and dozens of tenders, you stole 100 percent of the procurement amount with your company 5D. You turned the stolen money into luxury 5-star hotels in Durres, Himare, Dhërmi.
In a 10-story building in Tirana.
You hid them in bank accounts.
And the money for the vertical forest with 1 million trees, where do you get it?

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