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Do not touch the protesters

Do not touch the protesters

By Bislim Ahmetaj

Tonight at midnight, just like in the time of Koçi Xoxes and Bedri Spahi, the police arrested the permanent activist of the Democratic Party, member of the Presidency of Branch No. 2. Tirana, Mr. Alfred Pellumbi.

The reason for the arrest: Participants in Friday's protest in front of the City Hall.

Protests called by the Alliance for the Protection of the Theater, civil protests aimed at liberating the Capital from the thief of Tirana.

After 10 hours of pressure, blackmail and threats, I just learned the news that they have let him go free with a forced appearance procedure.

I call on the state police not to deal with thieves of public property.

Not to follow the orders of Koçi Xoxe and Bedri Spahi, the new head of the prosecution.

Citizens are guaranteed by the Constitution the right to protest, while the police must provide the conditions to protest.

Hajni Veliaj and Chief Hajni Rama have their numbered days in power, while the state police has been celebrating the 111th anniversary of its creation for several months.

Most of the Interior Ministers and General Prosecutors over the decades have ended up either shot or in prison. 

But the Albanians and the Albanian state have survived.

So don't side with the worst, don't blackmail the protestors, leave the anger and the civil revolt to put an end to this scumbag.

On Friday we will be more, more angry, more revolted.

On Friday, the anger of Alfred Pellumbi, Kevin Vidrice, Franc Kaloshi, Bernard Metaliaj and hundreds of others will be multiplied tenfold.

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