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Muçollari: Nothing escapes the state buildings from Rama, precious plots of land in Tirana are returning to the bazaar

Muçollari: Nothing escapes the state buildings from Rama, precious plots

The member of the presidency of the Democratic Party, Grigels Muçollari, through a statement to the media, has denounced another clean affair of corruption.

Muçollari this time was near the Directorate of Civil Aviation in the area of ​​new Tirana, whose land will be given by the government to build a tower.


We are here in the heart of new Tirana, one of the most expensive areas, and with the highest density in the capital.

The building behind me, and the entire space, which currently serves as an office and workplace for Civil Aviation, will soon give way to a high tower, which Edi Rama has planned for one of his friends or clients.

The non-transparent plan that the prime minister has for state buildings seems to save nothing.

The most valuable plots in the capital will return to pure shopping with predetermined winners.

This part of Tirana needs more greenery, more fresh air, with lots of space for residents. There is a need for a nursery school, a kindergarten and a school.

What Edi Rama offers is the complete opposite. A new skyscraper, which will bring less greenery, less public space, more air pollution.

Nothing benefits the citizens from this project. Because it is not a solution even for the huge demand for housing, as the prices in these towers are untouchable by ordinary people.

It is simply a new abusive and clientelistic pact of the prime minister, an additional opportunity for cleaning dirty money.

This building here, with all its spaces, is not the property of Edi Rama. These are state and public properties, built by taxes, by work, by the efforts of the citizens of this country.

Citizens cannot allow Edi Rama to act as the owner of these facilities, for a new corruption affair.

We need to raise our voice, we need transparency, we need accountability.

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