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Divisions aside, the February 11 protest unites the democrats

Divisions aside, the February 11 protest unites the democrats

DP MP Luan Baçi says that Saturday, February 11, will not be a response to the December 6 physical attack on Sali Berisha, but aims to show the citizens' revolt, for what he considers consecutive scandals of the Rama government. .

"We are not Rama, we are not part of Rama, we do not attack or violate. The protest of February 11, peaceful and powerful, where the citizens should speak to Rama himself. He must be spoken to with the language of fear. So far he has not been scared", said Baçi for A2CNN.

He asserts that the democratic parliamentary group will protest together, except for 2 deputies.

 " Alibasha does not like protests". Deputy Saimir Korreshi, who belongs to the other group, said that he will be at the protest.

"I will be at the protest, but I did not participate in its organization and I will call people as much as I can, because the economic side does not allow much coming to Tirana, in this part there is no separation".

Despite the participation, Korreshi does not believe that one protest will be enough to topple the government.

"I judge and think like Berisha to overthrow Rama, but this must be taken seriously. I think a DP union is needed to overthrow him. Protests are not enough, but concrete acts are needed. At least cooperation for May 14, if not union", Korreshi added.



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