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"In the USA they are not separated", Berisha: Rama did not leave with resignation, we will not separate until we remove him

"In the USA they are not separated", Berisha: Rama did not leave with

Berisha: No matter how much you talk about it, you cannot describe it. It's time to act, it's time to remove him from power one minute earlier.

The super scandal with McGonigal is a headline in the US media every day. Even today, CNN had it as a headline. First of all, this superscandal is a real act of hostility towards the USA that an Albanian can never undertake. They are the number 1 responsibility for the freedom of the world, for the security of NATO, they have alliances other than NATO in the Pacific and others in a row and this man, as if he were Lukashenko, corrupts one of the most important people of counter-intelligence and why does he bribe him, to fight the opposition in his country.

Imagine what this represents for us. This represents a terrible national shame. Imagine for a moment the NATO summit. How can this representative of ours go to that summit, every Albanian remains ashamed if this happens. Any prime minister in any country in the world, if such a scandal had erupted, should have resigned.

This one does not resign, but we must remove him at all costs. This one has the most evil mindset of his predecessors. This shows that he is capable of doing anything to his opponent. But not only to the opponent. He wants an Albania without opposition. But an Albania without opposition is a national tragedy for Albanians and Albania. 

Alison we all owe. It is no coincidence that she gave an interview on an Albanian television, because she had felt, perceived that the Albanian affair was one of the most defamed affairs. A prime minister who buys, pays, FBI counterintelligence as a hitman against the Albanian opposition. It's not just this, be clear. Other McGonigals absolutely have. But what remains is a more absurd attempt to destroy the opposition in a country. And this is what Edi Rama did.

He bought statements, he bought people, diplomats, parliamentarians, officials, support, he bought everything. And if you go back for a moment and recall the statements made, the statements critical of him are exotic. The others are as if Albania is moving as a legal state, developing, not as the main generator of crime, corruption and refugees, horror. But we have to archive all this in the past. All these call us for revolution.

They call us for a revolution which must know nothing but victory. Edi Rama did not leave, we will not leave him until we leave him, in the USA they are not leaving him. Every day the major American media deals with it. This one is here and we will deal with it every day until it is gone. Every day we have to work against it. Every day we must work out scenarios against him and his regime, we must do everything for the victory of our candidates for the May 14 elections.

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