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Nishani after the vote for the chairman of the Democratic Party: Rama committed an electoral massacre on April 25, Basha an electoral masquerade   

Nishani after the vote for the chairman of the Democratic Party: Rama committed

The chairman of the National Council of the Democratic Party, Bujar Nishani, has made strong accusations against the leader of the Democrats, Lulzim Basha, after the vote for the new leader of the party.

In a statement to the media, Nishani said that 50% of the membership has disappeared within 3 months.

According to Nishani, Edi Rama took power with an electoral massacre, while in the DP under the leadership of Lulzim Basha, today there is an electoral masquerade.

" Today is an important day first for the Democratic Party, but also for all Albanians. The DP is the only hope to make it possible for Albanians to emerge from this darkness, which is likely to deepen in the next four years, by a regime that has broken every standard.

In this context, the DP should be seen as the hope of the Albanians, but also for the Democrats themselves, to demonstrate that it is the only political mechanism to face the gang regime, the regime of electoral massacre, but to bring a completely different model by taking of power on its part. Unfortunately this was not proven today, we have an electoral masquerade, I am sorry to say this, but I am also responsible like many other Democrats, we have allowed the project to continue to overthrow the DP. Today I have an appeal for the founders of the DP, for the youth, I will tell you that all those who have undertaken to turn the DP into a façade, have undertaken an impossible mission.

Those who think that they can take the PD hostage, can make it a force without energy, are seriously mistaken. There was no equal and fair competition, other candidates besides Basha did not have the infrastructural opportunities, the heads of local branches refused to organize meetings for other candidates. 50% of the membership is gone within 3 months. Candidate's representative Edit Harxhi has been threatened. The DP today is in great danger. This is a battle for democracy, most Democrats are heartbroken by this debate we have today. What Rama did on April 25 with the citizens, Basha did inside the DP with the members.

The DP has a bigger challenge, the challenge for resistance, if it does not return to the party that was ... The situation in the DP is very serious and needs to be changed, it is a message that has a great call for the situation that is the DP. I am a person who appreciates the institutions, this possibility is impossible today, the party does not have the institutions of appeal. "I have been and will remain in political debt with the DP all my life ", said Nishani.

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