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Noka "arrests" Duamani before the Law Commission: You opened a process without evidence and facts against Berisha

Noka "arrests" Duamani before the Law Commission: You opened a process

The General Secretary of the DP, Flamur Noka, addressed the head of SPAK, Altin Duman, while the latter was reporting to the Law Commission.

Noka questioned Dumani, while telling him that they opened a legal process against the leader of the opposition, Sali Berisha, without any facts or evidence.

Noka listed the government scandals from the incinerator to the "5D" file to Duman.

"The second question, you opened a legal process against the president of the DP and the opposition without any facts and any evidence. Today you hold him as a political prisoner without charge. Unique case and not based on law. Of course, you started a process against him in violation of the Constitution.

You have also opened a legal process against Fatmir Mediu, another leader of the opposition, although his case has been filed.

Process against Ilir Meta, leader of another opposition force.

Are you being used politically to fight the opposition or do you have a mission forced by the head of this regime?

All of this is perceived as a war against the opposition, while corruption, theft and crime become the opposite.

Another question, the leader of the opposition is being held in prison today and you have denied him the right to communicate. Can you say where you base it on which law of the Albanian state you are based on since the law you refer to was repealed in 2017?

Where do you legally base the obstruction of the president of the DP to participate in his constitutional function as a deputy in the parliament because according to the laws of this country, such a decision is made when there is a final decision of the court?

The investigation of the incinerators, can you tell the public what the purpose is and why the investigations for the incinerators and the 5D of the Municipality of Tirana are fragmented? Because they are decisions made by a group of people. The taxes of Albanian citizens have been violated and abused. Why did you fragment the investigations for the concessions?

Who is responsible for the 130 million euros of the Tirana incinerator and the 430 million euros and the incinerators as a whole? An individual or a group of individuals that you don't call a criminal group?

The same thing for 5D, you are hesitant to describe them as a criminal group" , stated Noka.

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