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Noka: TIMS attacked from within to eradicate crime links with police

Noka: TIMS attacked from within to eradicate crime links with police

The General Secretary of the DP, Flamur Noka, declares that the cyber attack on the TIMS system was internal to erase the ties of crime with the police.

Speaking on Syri.tv, Noka says that all data on criminals have been deleted and that we are dealing with a strategy to erase all systems that contain secret data in the daily operation of the State Police.

"When TIMS went down it was said by internal sources that there is a hack and the hackers have blocked not only TIMS but also other systems.

TIMS is the basic one, but the police have other systems, the scientific police system, and then advancing the situation, internal police sources confirm that it is not a matter of hacking from outside, or of an enemy, as was the story of the attack on e-Albania.

It is a strategy to hack and wipe systems that contain extremely secret data that is important to the day-to-day functioning of the police. Scientific police have vital data of criminal police activity over the years.

All data is deleted there. The systems contain, in addition to the inputs and outputs, in addition to the data in TIMS for those in search, the scientific police system has criminal data that is used as facts, evidence in trials, criminal activities, gangs, the evidence is there.

This crime situation and one of the icebergs of clarifying the situation of state and police implications in crime, showed that it was the tip of the iceberg that showed cooperation and connections.

It showed that the crime has strong state and political ties, without any discussion with deep police influences, until the gangs and criminal structures pay police officers and leaders up to the former police chief Ardi Veliu, that is, the entire police dome under the control of crime.

In the future, there are quite serious evidences that will strike and justice should act. According to the information the impact is all internal to delete the data. Everything has been deleted.

Sensitive data of the connections of the headlines with crime and their involvement in criminal affairs, and of the politicians in power to justify the hacking were cleaned, " said Noka.



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