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His appeal was rejected by SIAC, Gjekmarkaj: No facts were presented, the opposition people support him

His appeal was rejected by SIAC, Gjekmarkaj: No facts were presented, the

The vice-president of the Democratic Party, Agron Gjekmarkaj, has spoken about the "non grata" status of Great Britain towards the chief democrat Sali Berisha.

In News24, he said that during the 3 years, DP and Berisha have faced many clashes and time showed that the democrats and the majority of the Albanian electorate believe in the leadership of the leader of the DP.

Gjekmarkaj said that reading yesterday's decision from Great Britain, he sees that there are no facts, so according to him, it is a rhetorical arrangement.

" Facts against Berisha have never arrived, so based on democratic standards, everyone should be based on facts and come out in truth ", said Gjekmarkaj.

The Democratic MP said that he does not know for sure because Sali Berisha was declared "non grata" by the British Government, but it may happen that after 1 year the new government in Great Britain or even in the USA may see that a mistake was made in the case of the former Prime Minister and the situation may change, then what will all those who throw mud and accusations against DP and Mr. Berisha.

Regarding the decision on the seal and the logo, Gjekmarkaj said that it was a patriotic, appropriate decision, even though it was delayed.

Gjekmarkaj said that it would be stupid if another decision was given that would hold the opposition hostage, against a majority that does not deserve to govern Albania, but any 3rd World country.

"The time has come for Albanians to free themselves from this government. If the hostage-taking of the opposition continued, it would be a decision made. The merger was one of the determining factors in the decision of the Court of Appeal", said Gjekmarkaj.



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