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"They didn't want us to be here today", Berisha: The whole war against us was done so that Albania would not have an opposition

"They didn't want us to be here today", Berisha: The whole war

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, during his speech at the protest in front of the Prime Minister's Office, stated that the war against the democrats was done so that the country would not have an opposition.

Excerpt from the speech of the head of the DP, Sali Berisha:

Let's face it friends. The word that I am now holding before you was calculated not to be kept.

This magnificent hurricane that has invaded Tirana was calculated not to happen.

Our union in diversity was calculated not to happen.

And Albania was calculated that today, in 2024, it would be a country without opposition. Not a fortress of socialism as it once was, but an unopposed narco-state on the blue shores of the Adriatic.

Ladies and gentlemen started this battle against us together two years ago with two famous words that they used as bullets against the Albanian opposition, non-grata, a term used in the same way as before, enemy of the people.

They thought they would annihilate us. No evidence, no facts, no documents. But they were wrong!

Today, after three years of intensive investigations in Albania and everywhere in the world, they have not found any evidence, any fact or document to prove their false accusation.

And just four days ago, the Washington court sentenced McGonigall, a corrupt lobbyist to my non-grata declaration by Edi Rama, to 3 years in prison.

Right after that, they robbed us of the party's seal, although you had expressed your will in two elections, three votes. They banned Sali Berisha's name from the ballot. They denied us finances, the commissioners at the polling stations denied us. The government, the most powerful media, diplomats and ambassadors corrupted by the narco-government deliberately fanned the flames of division and conflict between us.

And recently, just like in Putin's Russia, the opposition leader was arrested as a person under investigation and attempted to have his free speech banned.

All this, only that he, in defense of the public and national interest, strongly denounced governmental and international corruption.

He denounced the corruption of Edi Rama and his government as the worst enemy of the existence of Albanian citizens.

All this only because he steadfastly defended the interest of the Albanian nation, denounced the anti-Albanian, but also anti-European, Serbian-Russian projects of Aleksandër Vucic, his argot Edi Rama, strongly supported by Sergej Lavrov, but no less by Alexander Soros.

And in fact, for all this today, we should not exist politically.

But we won friends!

All this war against us was done so that today we would be torn apart, that we would be lying on the ground, so that today we would not be here. So that Albania would not have an opposition today.

But we did the impossible, we did what no one predicted.

No opposition on the planet would exist after the barbaric attacks that were made against it. As there is no opposition in Russia, Belarus, Iran or Uganda where measures similar to these have been taken against us.

That's why you come to this square today as heroes. Yes Yes. As heroes of truth, heroes of courage and human dignity. heroes of pluralism, heroes of anti-corruption, heroes of patriotism. You come as heroes of battles won.

Peace be with you always!


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