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SPAK operation, Noka: Dumani is personally attacking Berisha, Meta and Mediu

SPAK operation, Noka: Dumani is personally attacking Berisha, Meta and Mediu

The General Secretary of DP, Flamur Noka, invited to News 24, said that SPAK's operation was propaganda, stating that it (the operation) was debunked.

Noka emphasized that the chief democrat Sali Berisha is a political prisoner.

 According to him, SPAK head Altin Dumani is personally attacking former prime minister Sali Berisha, Ilir Meta and Fatmir Mediu.

Flamur Noka: Sali Berisha is a political prisoner, he is under security measures without any charges. I call it SKAP, because from the first day it proved that it is not SPAK. The Special Structure has amnestied electoral crime. SPAK performs operations to adjust the image. In the Municipality of Tirana, 100 percent was stolen. Foreign investors have also fled Albania, because they have been asked for money. The head of 5D is Erion Veliaj. You know that Veliaj was punished for the incinerators. SKAP is the one that does not catch major corruption, but if three people smoke hashish in the neighborhood it is called a criminal organization. Sali Berisha, who is a symbol of anti-corruption and anti-crime, is a political prisoner. Dumani is personally attacking Berisha, Mediu, Meta. For 11 years, the government has been stealing and not investigating. SPAK's operation is a propaganda show. All gangs that were investigated by law enforcement were involved in vote stealing. There are 50 arrest warrants and no arrests beyond prisons. This operation was debunked, all of Lezha knew that Arben Ndoka would be arrested, that's why he escaped, it's a debunked operation. There is no justice here, only injustice.

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