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Operation with 50 arrest warrants, Berisha: DP strongly condemns de-conspiracy, crime bosses escaped

Operation with 50 arrest warrants, Berisha: DP strongly condemns de-conspiracy,

The chairman of the Democratic Party Sali Berisha, in a public appearance for the media, stated that the head of SPAK Altin Dumani repeated the fraud scheme, even in the last operation of the Special Structure.

The leader of the opposition, emphasized in his speech that "PD strongly condemns the de-conspiracy by the prosecution and politics of this operation, where the crime bosses escaped".

According to the chief democrat, 'SKAP did nothing to discover the connections of the governors with organized crime'


The Democratic Party, as the party of the rule of law, of the war with zero tolerance of organized crime and corruption, supports and will support every effort to enforce the law and bring criminals of any category to justice.

But DP considers that the game in the fight against crime, the organization of fraud operations, is an extremely dangerous game for the lives, wealth and future of citizens.

One of his operations was the operation of 50 warrants of arrest, announced by the government propaganda and its author, Altin Dumani or mercenary of the party.

I want to inform the citizens that out of 50 mandates, a total of 5 citizens have been arrested or executed in Albania, guards, storekeepers, suppliers, etc., and absolutely none of the bosses of the 7 families or other officials, for whom arrest warrants have been issued.

Altin Dumani repeated here the fraud scheme, which he repeated with the Tirana burner, when he said that we issued 13 arrest warrants, while only two directors of Erion Veliaj were arrested, while the others were in prison.

In this context, we condemn with the greatest force the deconspiracy by the prosecution and politics of this operation, which made it possible for many of these bosses to leave the country, weeks or days before it began. But also the release, or the permission to leave Albania, of other bosses such as Doçët, Abdylët, or the 4 police officers, who are said to have been found in their apartments during the search.

Sources also say that 9 hours before the start of the operation in the underworld, the message was spread that the operation with 50 arrests is starting.

With this operation, the scrap of the party did everything to hide the terrible connection of the crime, of these families, of these bosses, with Edi Rama, Engjëll Agaç, Saimir Tahir, Taulant Balla, the former deputy prime minister Erion Braçe, the criminal Ergys Agasi , Vangjush Dako, Pjerin Ndreu.

All of these, close ties with these 7 families and senior police officers implicated in criminal offenses.

The sequestration of 3 million euros from Doçi sounds funny, at a time when Edi Rama, together with Ergys Agas, has entrusted this exponent of major crime with the port of Durrës and the cocaine traffic, not only for Albania, but the Balkans and Europe.

Who did the operation serve, it is fair to ask?

Tell me which of the bosses was arrested. The operation just warned the bosses, run away because you appear in the phone logs, SKY EÇ and EnchroChat, in your conversations with Edi Rama, Taulant Balla, Erion Braçen, Ergys Agasin, Vangjush Dako, Pjerin Ndreu, Saimir Tahirin, Bledar Çuçin, etc.

So, in fact, the operation interested you in addition to the bosses and the governors associated with them.

PD denounces with the greatest force, fraudulent operations like this and guarantees the crime bosses, wherever they are, to remember a little before the previous years.

Even in the most secret attics, they will be found and will return to Albania to answer to the law for their murders and trafficking.

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