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DP demands a special law for foreign funding, Bylykbashi: There is a conflict with the electoral system

DP demands a special law for foreign funding, Bylykbashi: There is a conflict

The report of an American official on Russian financing in international politics brought to attention the Russian lobbying for which the former head of the DP Lulzim Basha is accused.

The Democratic Party demands a special law for foreign funding. PD Vice President Oerd Bylykbashi said in an interview for TV Klan, that it may be necessary to intervene in the Electoral Code or the law of political parties.

"It requires interventions and other adjustments which can range from special laws for lobbying and foreign funding, changes to the Electoral Code and the Law on Political Parties. It can also require punitive provisions in the Criminal Code specifically targeted to block them", said Bylykbashi.

The Democrat said that the problem remains the ultimate owners of the entities from which candidates or political parties withdraw money.

"Among them is eventually also the discovery of the ultimate owners of the entities that provide financing. It may be an Albanian company that finances within the limits of the law, but that money may come from foreigners", added the PD vice president.

Bylykbashi also said that open lists encourage foreign funding, as he assessed the need for intervention in the electoral system.

"We have two situations that collide with each other: the law that is according to the standards and on the other hand the electoral system. So this is definitely a must watch. With the open lists, it is not at all surprising that hundreds or thousands of candidates receive small amounts of money that remain prohibited foreign financing, but that in the last stage before the party or candidate is financed, it is an Albanian entity" , said Bylykbashi.

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