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PD: The Deputy Mayor of Fier in a conflict of interest, her husband's brother-in-law's business won a 6 million euro tender

PD: The Deputy Mayor of Fier in a conflict of interest, her husband's

"Eleni Gjikondaj, a senior local official in the thieving administration of Edi Rama, is proof that greed and theft know neither borders nor geography or gender." This denunciation was made today by the Anticorruption Department in DP through spokesperson Genta Vangjeli, who listed the facts.

In a short CV of Ms. Gjikondaj, it turns out that she held a series of duties: 2014 to 2016 employee at the Fier Environment Directorate; 2016 responsible for finances, Roskovec municipality; 2019 member of the Fier municipal council for SP. She currently holds the position of deputy mayor of Fier municipality.

Vangjeli emphasized that "Gjikondaj is connected in a conflict of interest with the commercial entity with the initials A... .. .. shpk owned by her husband and brother-in-law. This entity has benefited at least 169 tenders only from local government institutions, worth 6 million euros, of which 6 contracts are with the municipality of Fier and 6 with the municipality of Roskovec."

"The conflict of interest law, article 35 point 2, evaluates the husband's shares as if they were registered in the name of the official Gjikondaj herself, and her property rights are limited to them, to the same extent and manner as in the case of the official herself. But the law has not prevented either the Mayors of Fier and Roskovec or the Gjikondaj family from concluding illegal public contracts.

Also, by means of Decision no. 2 dated May 19, 2023 of the General Assembly of UKT Fier, depending on the Fier Municipality, "the wolf's livers are hanging around his neck again"...

Thus, Eleni Gjikondaj has been assigned the task of liquidator of this company, i.e. closing all the actions of the company, collecting uncollected loans and unpaid contributions, selling the assets of the company and paying off creditors.

It is up to Eleni Gjikondaj to prepare a balance sheet of the company's condition at the time of opening the liquidation and a final balance at the time of closing these procedures, as well as the Liquidation Report.

The chairman of the Fier municipality council, in short, has tasked the favorite official to hide the thefts so far, and possibly access to new ones when the opportunity arises. This is the power of Edi Rama, who through the 'subashes' and 'gjikonds', in Tirana or in the districts, has transformed the state into an instrument in the hands of the Batakchis," declared Vangjeli.

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