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DP: How did the incinerator employee become a "farmer"? It benefited 310 thousand euros from EU funds

DP: How did the incinerator employee become a "farmer"? It benefited

The Democratic Party has reacted to the IPARD funds, which should have gone to farmers, but which benefited the incinerators.

The deputy of the Democratic Party, Belind Kelliçi, said that AZHBR has announced the winner of 310 thousand euros, from the non-returnable funds that the European Union provides for the increase of capacities in agriculture, the citizen Elton Bualli. 

The latter turns out to be an employee of the incinerator company. Kelliçi declared that Elton Bualli will build a farm in the Sharra area, on a land area of ​​8500 square meters.

"He bought this plot of land a year ago from the incinerator company of Tirana, where he is an administrator and representative, with firm rights. So, from an employee, in less than a year, Elton Bualli became a land owner, an administrator of the incinerator company and, finally, a 'farmer'" , declared Këlliçi. 

The latter raised several questions for AZHBR, SPAK and the government: 

How did this miracle happen?

Why does the concessionaire sell the land to his employee?

Who wants to hide behind other names?

The company does not own the landfill, it has a concession: By what right are 8,500 meters sold to Bualli?

Elton Bualli, has a special notarial power of attorney and represents and acts on behalf of the Tirana incinerator. Has this gentleman been investigated by SPAK, as part of the investigation into the incinerator issue? 

Where are they looking for Gugallja and they haven't found him?

How does Minister Krifca explain that AZHBR funds go to individuals connected to the incinerator affair and not to real farmers?


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