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The Korreshi-Baçi/Boçi clash: DP gives an example of a different opinion

The Korreshi-Baçi/Boçi clash: DP gives an example of a different

The vice-president of the Democratic Party, Luciano Boçi, and the analyst Ben Andoni discussed the latest political developments, where the emphasis falls on the diaspora vote and the debates within the opposition.

Invited to Report TV, Boçi spoke about the vote of the Albanian diaspora in the parliamentary elections of 2025. Boçi says that politics has an obligation to secure the vote of the diaspora and the PD wants to do it through an international post.

"We, as PD, have always said and are committed to having a vote for immigrants. They are an integral part of Albanian society. They have their right to choose. The modality then by mail or electronic voting, we have defined as a security element the vote by international mail.

I say that immigrants should be allowed to express their will. International mail has an element of guarantee. We are in a bombed situation of vote security. We need to preserve this share of the immigrant vote.

In Albania there are also problems closely related to the situation of immigrants. The diaspora itself must have its own representatives. Then the rest is calculations.

Why not have representatives from the diaspora. We have a diaspora informed by the intellectual part. I would like a representation of the diaspora', Boçi said.

Analyst Ben Andoni, via Skype, says that there is a ban on the diaspora vote from both the Socialist Party and the DP.

We all agree that the vote of the diaspora is a kind of honor for the nation. There are areas where remittances are greater than investments. This element makes you think that their vote is imperative. There is a ban from DP and SP on the implementation of the diaspora vote. There were people from the diaspora like in Berisha and Rama, but they left.

People coming from abroad come with a completely different record. There is a problem, we have had diaspora ministries. During these times, socialists should reach more in their identification. Some of them are in unfavorable conditions.

We always turn to the diaspora in moments when we have problems, but not to share Albania's vision of the future', says Andoni.

On the other hand, Boçi also spoke about the clashes within Re-establishment, with Saimir Korreshi's accusations against Luan Baçi. According to him, the DP has always had a component element of dissenting opinion.

'The DP throughout its existence has accepted the opinion differently. PD has given the example of the existence of a different opinion.

When there are political decisions, you can see how a political party works. I do not agree at all that in certain studios you can be accusatory to your colleagues as well as to your opponents. This is part of the quality of the political debate. It's a political joke.

DP has expressed its opinions in relation to the electoral reform, with the mink program. Mr. Koreshi, Mr. Bardhi, Mrs. Kalaja, myself and Mr. Baçi are in unison. Political debate must have political ideas. There I also face X and Y. In terms of political ideas, each of us must generate', adds Boçi.

As for SPAK, Boçi says that he encourages her work, despite being ordered politically.

'Each of us has a point of view of SPAK's work. I am also a critic of SPAK, but encouraging in the work of SPAK. The truths that Mr. Berisha alludes to are completely pure.

As long as it tells the truth, the discourse must be strong. SPAK is a continuation of a section of justice. SPAK is controlled and ordered politically. In relation to how he does his criminal policy', he continues.

Boçi bases his attitude on the work of SPAK on the last operation where, according to him, the leaders of the crime were not arrested, but there was only a show for the public.


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