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"The roads are being stolen"/ Berisha's denunciation: the cost of the Qukës-Qafë Pllocë axis has tripled, there has been a 17 m difference

"The roads are being stolen"/ Berisha's denunciation: the cost of

In a press conference, the chief democrat Sali Berisha denounced the abuse that is being done with the construction of roads.

"I am here to declare that the theft that the Rama-Balluku duo is doing on the country's roads is unstoppable. The construction of the Qukës-Qafë Plloçë road exceeded every deadline in the country's history. 43 kilometers of roads have been going on for 13 years.

The works for this road started in 2009. The road was procured for construction with an international tender for 73 million euros.

With the coming to power of Edi Rama, with an absurd act, he decided to cancel the construction of the road, since the route had been extended to 10-12 kilometers, since the financing was guaranteed by foreign banks.

But he could not achieve this blockade, since Albania's obligations from the cancellation of contracts would punish the country. The road that was supposed to be completed in 2014, continues in 2022 and there is no chance that it will be completed even this year" , said Berisha.

The latter stated that the cost of the Qukës-Qafë Pllocë road has tripled.

"Out of the 73 million that was the procured fund, 225 million euros have been spent on its construction so far ," declared the DP chairman.

He denounced that along the axis, in Trebinje, there was a 17-meter drop.


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