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Presidenti i ri, Vokshi: Nuk e bojkotojmë, do marrim pjesë në votim

Presidenti i ri, Vokshi: Nuk e bojkotojmë, do marrim pjesë në

Deputetja e PD-së Albana Vokshi deklaron se opozita do të marrë pjesë në votimin për zgjedhjen e presidentit të ri, por nuk voton asnjë kandidat të Edi Ramës, apo kandidat të opozitës që nuk përfaqëson PD-në.

"We do not boycott, we will take part in the voting, but we do not vote for any candidate of Edi Rama, no opposition candidate who does not represent the DP, the fake opposition.
I do not want to deal with the names that come up. For what I get, everyone can deserve it, but for what, to whom I give it. To be part of the farce, we do not become part of the farce. I have nothing to add other than this PD resolution. Why should I comment, for what. Are there names outside? Yes there are definitely, who can be representatives of the unity of the nation.

The real opposition is not Alibeaj-Basha. They have also proved with their actions for the president that they are a farce opposition.
Alibeaj does not represent me at all, I do not want to talk at all. They represent the narrow interests of a group in the DP affiliated with Basha. It is the opposition that wants Edi Rama. The real opposition is no longer that. It is what came out 4 times in a row, 5 times in a row from the processes and was successfully concluded with the election of the leader of the Democratic Party " , said Vokshi.



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