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The Qyno/Berisha case: The decision of the Supreme Court is a mortal blow to the media

The Qyno/Berisha case: The decision of the Supreme Court is a mortal blow to the

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha again commented on the decision of the Supreme Court against journalist Elton Qyno, which gives SPAK the right to compel the media to reveal their sources.

Speaking from the civic gathering, according to Berisha, Rama rushed the judges Altin Dumanin, so that they would change the decision made.

Berisha : Yesterday, the Supreme Court, in flagrant opposition to the decision a year ago, decided to compel journalists to reveal the source of the information, in a flagrant violation of freedom of expression.

These same judges, my friends, a year ago, after the Strasbourg decision on Lapsi, had decided that journalists cannot be asked for information sources.

What happened? Edi Rama used hostage taking. Edi Rama, as the media write today, rushed Dumani against them.

And Duman threatened them for his ugly crime, because Nuredin Duman's file was sold by Skapi of the party from Altin Duman's drawers.

But my friends, the court's decision is a death blow for free information, for free thought in Albania.

It marks the act, the most dramatic escalation in the violation of the freedoms of Albanians.

Therefore, it becomes more imperative to confront the dictatorship every day. With the drug regime. Today we have before us Edi Rama, the head of organized crime, the head of government corruption, the head of violence against the opposition, and his tools, a human scum in the courts, the prosecutor's office, Skap and so on.

Order, a year ago they decided that journalists cannot be asked for the source. After a year, under the knife, they decide the opposite.

Look at the court of Edi Rama, the prosecution of the party, they are a danger for every citizen, they are a danger for the whole of Albania.

Today in front of us is the terrible wall of corruption that drives away Albanians every day.

Edi Rama, with all the power of the executive, signs and steals hundreds of millions and billions and is protected by the Skapi of the party.

Every day that passes in power is a punishment for the Albanians, it is a punishment for Albania.

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