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"The streets and squares are full", Berisha: The summit constitutes the most powerful support for the opposition people

"The streets and squares are full", Berisha: The summit constitutes

A day before the protest, the leader of the opposition, Sali Berisha, said that the summit that will be held tomorrow in Tirana constitutes the most powerful support for the PD and the opposition people.

"In this context, this summit constitutes the most powerful support for the DP and the opposition people. For the sole fact that this party, after the overthrow of the Orwellian dictatorship of Edi Rama's fathers, currently transformed into a party of drugs and crime, I mean his party, established the new democratic order in Albania, based on European values .

The summit is a great support for the Albanian democrats, because it is this party in the government, which signed the Stabilization-Association Agreement, which liberalized visas with the success of its reforms, received the recommendation for the status of the candidate country. In this aspect, tomorrow's summit constitutes the greatest support for its democratic aspirations and ideals" , said Berisha.

In the statement from the blue headquarters, the chief democrat expressed his belief that the opposition people will fill the streets and squares of Tirana tomorrow.

"But tomorrow we, the opposition people, will fill the streets and squares of Tirana in a sign of protest, in a powerful protest precisely in defense of European values, terribly endangered and threatened by Edi Rama and his regime.

Every Albanian who loves this country, who wants freedom, human dignity, his and his children's future in freedom, and who believes that the condition of all conditions is a free vote, join us in the square tomorrow, to "proved to the European leadership that we are in a battle with the fierce enemy of the free vote of the Albanians, Edi Rama", said Berisha.

He further added that the protest aims to convey to the European leaders that Edi Rama has violated the free vote and is an accomplice to crime.

"I know that those who gather tomorrow cannot save us from the theft of public funds and public assets, but at least they should know that when they shake hands with him, check their pockets.

He is actually the chief thief of Albanians, of all times. I know that no one will come to free us from the narco-state, we and only we will be freed from it, but it is vital to prove to them that the man standing at the table in the name of the Albanians is a Noriega with red sneakers Adidas. It would be unforgivable if we were not all in the biggest, most magnificent protest that Albania has known in its history", said Berisha, among other things.

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