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"SHELL has disappeared from the page", Noka: Shpiragu, Rama's next trick

"SHELL has disappeared from the page", Noka: Shpiragu, Rama's

The General Secretary of the DP, Flamur Noka, during a meeting with the democrats of Kuçova, said that SHELL has removed Shpiragu from its website, contrary to what Edi Rama declared, that so much income would come that they would not the state budget could afford them.

Noka addressed the democrats in Kuçovo, that the NATO flag flying there shows the difference between the two governments, where according to him, this was only achieved by the head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, making Albania a safer country.

Flamur Noka: Coming to Kuçovo is a pleasure. It's a pleasure when you come here and see the NATO flag flying a little further. A flag that we have long dreamed of flying on Albanian soil. But when he comes to Kuçovo and sees that flag, the first thing that comes to everyone's mind is to compare the two governments. How did it come, how was that flag placed there and who placed that flag? Who made Albania part of this great alliance of security and world peace?

As you look at that flag waving, I would say another comparison. Today, Albania is a member of NATO and today the NATO flag is flying in Kuçovo, because Sali Berisha and his government made it possible for Albania to be a member of NATO and to be one of the safest countries, not in the region, but all of Europe.

That flag at the airport is an indicator that makes the difference between two governments that speak with acts, with deeds, that speak with work, and a government that speaks with lies, deceptions, propaganda and fabrications. It was not easy for Albania to join NATO. There was a government that had an iron will to fight crime and corruption, and this made all NATO member countries believe that Albania deserves to be part of this alliance.

Meanwhile, friends, we have the Renaissance government, the government of Edi Rama, the complete opposite. In 11 years, it is difficult for a citizen of Kuçova, or Berat, or any Albanian to identify a major achievement and say that Edi Rama's government is connected to this. Nothing but deception.

Did Edi Rama put even one brick in the foundations of the Albanian state in 11 years to strengthen it? Today we from Kuçova say no, because for 11 years Edi Rama for 11 years did everything to remove one by one the foundation bricks of the state and today the Albanian state has turned into a band of thieves, into a gang of criminals who do not they have the mission of governance, but their only mission is the looting of Albania and the Albanians. This is the difference between the time when Sali Berisha was in power and the time when a gang headed by Edi Rama is in power.

Just like the deception he did for 300 days that the police said would give order and security to Albania, while today Albania is immersed in crime, corruption, drugs like never before. Like the fraud that he said about free health care and today the most ruined, stolen and destroyed health care in Europe, like the fraud for 300 thousand jobs, so was Shpirag's fraud.

Shpiragu, he said, will be a great national asset, and we will even open another fund to manage income, the billions that will come from Shpiragu. Because the state budget, he said, cannot afford as much income as will come from Shpiragu. Today, if you look at Shell's website, Shpirag has been removed from the list. It no longer exists, it has been withdrawn. A complete fraud as they are wont to deceive.

Today you see Kuçova and all of Albania abandoned. You miss meeting young people on the streets who want to build the future here. Is it possible that the miracle of Edi Rama's government has tired and bored the youth? Maybe young people don't like the jobs offered by Edi Rama's government today? Has it created a fantastic reality that luxury is blinding young people and they want to run away? No, and no. Edi Rama in Albania has built a gloomy, miserable and sad reality.

Dear friends! In such a gloomy situation, DP is the only social structure. It is the only instance where despite all the efforts of the regime and Edi Rama to divide and destroy us, despite all the struggle that was done to it, it is today the only structure and political force in this society that inspires hope and gives hope, motivation and confidence to Albanians that Albania will be built in this country as we want it and as the barbarians in power want it.

That is why we are here today united and more determined than ever to fight this criminal regime tooth for tooth. We cannot accept that our leader, the most uncorrupted man, a symbol of anti-corruption in Albania, is imprisoned because the thieves of power want him. We cannot accept that the man, a symbol of anti-crime in Albania for 33 years, is kept imprisoned there because the criminals in power want him. We are determined today to fight and stand to give Albania a solution, and this solution will come with a technical government which will have free elections and free votes as its mission.

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