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"It is unforgivable", Berisha: the 110th anniversary of independence finds Albanians sharing their power

"It is unforgivable", Berisha: the 110th anniversary of independence

While this November 28, the Albanian state turns 110 years of independence, the leader of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, says that this anniversary finds the Albanians in a process that somewhat divides their power, and this is unforgivable. 

"However, this 110th anniversary finds the Albanians in an absurd process, in a process that somewhat divides their power and this is unforgivable.

If you analyze Tirana-Pristina relations today outside of folklore, they are actual history, which does not go anywhere with the national interest of Albanians" , said Berisha on the news show "A23 with Flaka Vitaku" in Kosovo.

Among other things, Berisha has accused Rama of violating the interests of Albania and Albanians wherever they are.

"And this was one of the most important features of the December 90 revolution. But, as the saying goes, history repeats itself, today I can say that the main decisions of Tirana are made in Belgrade or why not in Ankara.

But, especially this of Belgrade and this anti-Albanian attitude of Edi Rama, his unlimited hatred towards Aleksandar Vučić, who is absolutely as much a nationalist leader as Slobodan Milosevic, but it is genuine nationalism, not a neo-communism, but it is a genuine Serbian doctrinal nationalism, which has been a fierce enemy of the Albanians and a major destabilizing factor in the Balkans. At a time when historically it has always been said and it has been true that Serbia represents the small Russia of the Balkans, today this is more materialized than ever. Today, Serbia is a backwater, problematic not only for the Balkans, but for Europe and aggressive Russia and the aggressor Putin...".

Berisha said that this 110th anniversary has its own shadows for Albanians and hopes that these will be overcome. "But for Tirana to turn into a cold war generator against Pristina is a great national disaster, it is a return to the model that existed during the communist dictatorship", he said.



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