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"Today is a big day for the PD", Berisha tells how the protest will be done

"Today is a big day for the PD", Berisha tells how the protest will be

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has cast his vote in the elections that are being held for the primaries. He assessed this process as very important for democracy. Berisha accused Edi Rama of invalidating the vote.

"It is a great day for the DP, it is a source of light for Albanian democracy, this day in which tens of thousands of members and sympathizers of the DP vote for the first citizen of their municipality.

This is an extremely important development, especially its importance becomes many times greater since the free vote has in Albania, a ferocious enemy of hers, an enemy who elaborated and developed all the mechanisms of her plundering, of robbing her her, an enemy who finally drove the vote from his party and transformed the SP, brought it back to its origins, a party without a vote, a party of people, a party of the mafia, potentially a party of terrorism, and all the negativity that a a community that acts as a mafia club, as a mafia cave, and not as a community of a free community" , said Berisha.

The latter also spoke about the December 6 protest. Despite the warnings of the police that they will not allow the security cordon to be broken, Berisha said that the protesters should not be present only in the area where the EU leaders gather. The DP chairman warned the police that he miscalculated if he received an order to confront the opposition.

"The December 6 summit is an extraordinary thing for the following reasons. First, Europe makes it clear to Vladimir Putin that this area and this territory is hers and that his ambitions in the Balkans are totally unacceptable. It makes it clear to Edi Rama that his fluctuations between Serbia and the new neo-Ottomanism come to an end, this is European land and belongs to the EU.

This summit, on the other hand, is blessed because it gives the opposition people the opportunity to witness what a disaster the host of European leaders represents who sits on a chair over stolen votes and over crime.

There is no road that can be blocked except for the gathering area that we have no intention of doing. We are more interested than Edi Rama in the security of the European leadership and the success of the summit.

Otherwise we are masters of the city in other areas. If the police are ordered to face the opposition, they make the most wrong decision, the opposition has no battle that it does not win. These people who are voting today have multiplied energy from this day onwards" , said Berisha.


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