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"SPAK is a tool of Edi Rama", Kryemadhi: Meta attacked me as a politician, not as a wife

"SPAK is a tool of Edi Rama", Kryemadhi: Meta attacked me as a

The MP of the Freedom Party, Monika Kryemadhi, spoke for the first time to the media after the continuous attacks in recent days by her husband, Ilir Meta, who emphasized that there is a deep shock in the political relations between them.

She said from the courtyard of the Assembly that nepotism has nothing to do with the parties, but with the government. According to her, MPs should be voted by the citizens, despite the fact that Ilir Meta can nominate you. Kryemadhi further added that she was attacked by her husband as a politician and not as a wife.

Kryemadhi:  In 2003, SP changed its status to remove Monika Kryemadhi. O Monika Kryemadhi o Ilir Meta in the leadership of the Socialist Party. In 2004, when LSI was founded, the founding group, even though Monika was one of the signatories, made the statute that men and women are not allowed in the party, and after two years they changed it again. Meritocracy in a political party is not stifled by nepotism. Nepotism is for state institutions when appointing, while the deputy is elected by votes. Ilir Meta can nominate you as a deputy, but the problem is that they elect people with votes.

Have you felt attacked by your spouse?

Kryemadhi:  Me more than Rama and Veliaj attacked me. Why does this not hurt you? My husband did not attack me as a wife, but as a politician. You are sorry that Veliaj sued my mother and my children in SPAK. Ilir Meta attacked me as a politician, not as a wife.

Kryemadhi:  I agree with every word that Ilir Meta has said about the capture of justice by the government, but not about the language, it comes from the revolt, because people revolt. .I continue to think that SPAK is a tool of Edi Rama. It seems normal to you that the newspapers of Erion Velija open the page with the announcement of SPAK. It seems normal to you.

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