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Tabaku: Albania should be careful in approaching foreign investments and beware of countries with malignant tendencies

Tabaku: Albania should be careful in approaching foreign investments and beware

The DP deputy, Jorida Tabaku, was present together with a number of deputies from the Albanian parliament at a conference on Foreign Investment Supervision Mechanisms in Albania.

She has posted on social networks the post and the discussions at this conference, where US Labor Delegate David Wisner was also present.

During her speech at the conference, MP Tabaku stated that it is important for Albania to take preventive measures from investments in key business points that come from countries unfriendly to Albania and that pose a threat to NATO and not only. Tabaku stated that it is necessary for Albania to have a preventive method and form for these interventions, underlining the importance of legislation.

The full post of DP deputy, Jorida Tabaku.

It was a pleasure to be part of the conference on the Investment Oversight Mechanism in which I had the opportunity to speak before the Department of State on the Bureau of Economic Affairs in the USA, charges d'affair of the USA Mr. Wisner and colleagues in the parliament on the importance of means and ways to maintain our national security from the attacks and frantic strikes of countries hostile to us.
One of the ways we can achieve this is by implementing policies and forms tested in the European Union and the USA to carefully investigate every foreign proposal that comes to us in key sectors of our economy and national assets.
We must protect our country from the dangers of the malignant influence of unfriendly countries. A strong Albania means a strong region. A successful Albania means a society closer to our geostrategic goals.

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