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Tabaku explains why he joined the February 20 protest: PD must be united

Tabaku explains why he joined the February 20 protest: PD must be united

The appearance of DP MP Jorida Tabaku at the February 20 protest called by Berisha-Bardhi attracted a lot of media attention.

Speaking to Top Channel, she tells the reasons why she found herself on the square.

"We are in the opposition and we must protest. I have gone to all the organized protests in recent years. I went to the first protest in July 2022, and to all subsequent ones except for the one on December 6, when the summit of the EU leaders was held, as I thought that the protest should not have taken place on that day" - says Tabaku.

Situated between different currents in the DP, the democratic deputy prefers not to choose any party, following her balanced action.
"I have discussed it extensively with Mr. Bardhi, I believe we are all politically mature enough to understand that we think differently and there is nothing wrong with it. We have tried everything, to be without mandates, not to participate in elections and you do not have the luxury of repeating the same mistakes. Today, the opposition must first return to the Parliament, secondly it must address the people and thirdly it must do a deep analysis of what happened on May 14 and our offer how we can give it differently" , she added.

Tabaku thinks that first the wounds should be healed in the basic party cell.

"Definitely, the DP should be united, but when I spoke about unification, I also referred to the base and to the people, we must explain this whole process that is happening ", concluded Tabaku.


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